Branding to last

We are a collaborative 360º creative and branding powerhouse, combining the best people with an educated intuition and an innate wonderment to build brands.

Based in East London, but working everywhere.

Narcis Studio

How can we help?

We can look after your brand from all angles, inside out. We can look at your strategy, design your brand and all the rest.


Branding is an emotional exercise that allows you to communicate what you are about, and it also empowers you. We can help with your brand strategy and get you to look professional and align with the right customer.


We have a classic design heritage and a curiosity for the future. Both help us to stay always up to date with the present technologies.


Our consultancy services are bespoke to your needs. We can manage your brand in a retainer, give you a one-off session or create a package that fits your budget.

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