My 10 habits to keep on 2018

In 2017 I made a few changes in my life. Mainly to help to focus and keeping fit and sane in the crazy entrepreneurial life. I have not made any resolutions this year. I decided to consolidate the ones I started and master some of them.

One of the implementations (it sounds like I am a robot 😜) it’s getting some good habits to start, during and end my days. And I thought I would share what has worked for me.

Here are my 10-morning habits

6:00 am I drink a pint of water

The first thing I do when I get up is drinking a pint of water. It helps me wake up and hydrate from the night.

6:03 am 15-minute meditation

I follow a lot of people that start their mornings with meditation. I usually meditate for 15 minutes – depending on the time I have available. It helps me to wake up and understand how I feel so that I can set my mind in the right mood.

6:20 Yoga

I suffer from back pain and Yoga has helped me massively. I will do a session of 20 minutes unless I practice more sport later, that I will exercise for one hour.

6:45 Run or swim (sometimes or sometimes I will do it in the evening)

On a weekday, I’ll go for a quick run (5 km) or a swim. At the weekend I do a longer run (10 km).

7:15 am Learn something

One of my favourite moments of my day is to have breakfast and coffee while I read something that will teach me something. You know that saying: ‘you’ll never go to bed without learning something new’? Well, I prefer to have it done early instead.😀

7: 40 am Journaling

I have to be honest, I am not great at this one, but I do write few times a week. The idea is to empty my brain with a thought that lingers (business stuff, a lesson I learned or just something that has happened). Then I write why I am grateful today.

7:50 am Make the bed

I never leave the house without making the bed. Tim Ferriss reckons that by doing so you feel that your first task is done and that pride carries you on through all the other tasks are coming your way.

8:00 am Cycle to work

I love cycling in London and usually is faster than the tube. It also wakes me up when I get to the office after a ride. In winter, I love the smell of the wood burners from the canal boats and the cold in your face and summer is lovely to feel warmed up and ready to tackle the day.

— then I get on with my day —

Only one hour of Telly

If I have time, I will watch an episode of a series or a TV programme. I like the effortless feeling of watching the idiot box, but not too much.

Slowdown before bed

At least one hour before bed my mobile goes to charge. It sleeps in the lounge, as I don’t want it to be the first or the last thing I do when I’m in bed. And it helps my sleep pattern.

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