10 lies about branding

Branding is a very misunderstood subject. Some businesses think design and branding aren’t something you need to invest on, and the truth is that brands inspire your customer loyalty, leading to repeat sales and word-of-mouth recommendation. Some research has shown us that there are ten misconceptions that we want to address.

1. Brand is just a logo

It’s common to think that if you have a logo, you already have a brand. Brand goes beyond a logo, a colour or a font. A brand is something you create but how is perceived is down to the consumers. That’s why is important to understand that more than a logo your business needs a brand, an emotional relationship with your customers and prospects.

2. No one notices branding

Branding is noticeable in a lot of different ways. The most important reason is that branding can bring trust and professionalism to your business.

3. Branding and business are different things

The company values should be reflected in the brand. Because at the end of the day what you do is why people will come to you, so you need to make sure to mirror that in your brand.

4. My niece has a computer she can make my logo

If she has a design or branding degree, I’m sure she can. Branding and design have a bit of science behind, and the person who designs should know what typography to use or the tone of voice.

5. Small businesses don’t need a brand

All companies need a brand and small businesses more than any. Branding will give trust if you are new and look amateur how you will make your customers buy from you?

6. Branding is expensive

It can be. If you hire a top-notch branding agency most likely they will charge you top-notch prices. Freelancers and smaller brand companies aren’t too expensive, and they usually accommodate your budget with your needs. You can always start smaller. Get a logo and some guidelines and add on as you need.

7. Brands are only built once and fast

Nope. Brands should be designed and redesign as the world evolves. Branding isn’t a goal but a need. You have to keep your brand alive and growing with your customers.

8. Branding is not for B2B

Branding is the image you project. Businesses are run by people who will decide if they trust you or not. So doesn’t matter if your company does B2C or B2B… at the end, it does P2P (person to person)

9. Social media is only for advertisement

It shouldn’t. You should take advantage to use social media to build your brand story and to communicate with your customers. Not just try to advertise.

10. Storytelling is nonsense

Storytelling is what really engage with your customers. People react to the emotional messages, not to facts. An example is Brexit. All the facts didn’t win the emotional lies.


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