10 ways to brand your social media

Branding is mostly a matter of consistency. When you translate your brand to any of the media to communicate has to have the same look and feel. Someone said once, if you covered your logo, you should still recognise your brand. We have put together ten ways to brand your social media that can be applied to most of your brand assets.

Logo consistent

The other day I came across a website when I checked their social media, Twitter had a different logo than the site, and yet Facebook had another version. This can confuse your customers as in their side they might not realise it’s the same company when they look at these websites separately. But a bigger issue is that if they come from Social media to their site will prompt an untrustworthy feeling because they won’t be sure they are looking at the same company.

Use your brand colours consistently

Similarly to the case above, if you have a set of colours stick with it. It’s ok to have two or three corporate colours. The importance is not introducing new colours or new shades. The colour will help emphasise and strengthen your brand. Imagine Starbucks changing their green for a yellow, wouldn’t they lose the power of their brand?

Choose fonts that reflect your identity

When you choose a font, there is a reason behind your choice. Fonts express a feeling and a mood to your brand. If you change the font, you will modify the mood. But also the font consistency is important for the same reasons above – the feeling that all your brand assets are part of the same family.

Use consistent layouts

Some businesses have recurring reports or documents that get published periodically. There are two big reasons why you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel every time. One is time: you have a structure for a document layout, why spend the time to redesign the general feel? The other reason is (I know you are getting bored with this word) consistency: your costumers will get used to your documents so that they will be familiar with the structure and that will make it easy for them to navigate and also will give them comfort (which translate to trust).

Present data visually with infographics

Using the fonts, the colours and the feel of your brand a great way to call the attention of your potential customers on social media is presenting information in useful infographics. This will engage your audience and increase your credibility.

Create and join hashtag relevant campaigns

I see a lot of companies tweeting about #cats and #dogs but is that relevant to their brand? Because unless you are a pet food company or pet accessories, cats won’t necessary attract the right customers. Instead, you should ask yourself what are the hashtags that your clients would be involved?

Optimise your image posts for different social media platforms

Make sure your images are optimised and sized for the different platforms – see our Cheat Sheet for FB and Twitter. Displaying the right size images will make you look professional, and it will show the images crisp and lovely.

Prioritise Images over text

A picture is worth a thousand words: in the era of the Internet we have become a bit lazy, and you only have milliseconds to grab the attention of your audience. The best way is using images, make sure the look and feel are similar from one to another to create the brand coherence and harmony.

Use the same language throughout

The language you should be using throughout your business should always be the same. It would look strange that in your website you use on tone of voice and on social you are totally different. It’s not coherent.


Within your resources is great if you can personalise or interact with your potential customers. It would make you human as well as you would engage with them quicker.

Hopefully, this is useful, please do share if you think us worth and ask us any burning questions you might have!



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