3 online promotion tools all businesses would find useful

Regardless of the size of your business, having these three online tools can help you leverage your brand story and help promote your business. Just one thing, make sure these are aligned with your brand strategy so they are consistent and effective.

1. Blog

It takes time, but with practice, you’ll get faster and better. What the blog is going to help with is giving value to your business while you build your brand. Fresh content keeps readers coming back to your site. Also makes Google’s algorithm happy. Of course, you need to make sure your posts are relevant to your target market and that they are very good. I’ll give you an example:

If you were an accountant, you could write tips on ‘How to get your tax return done?’ or ‘How to budget for the year’. These are subjects that wouldn’t be difficult to come up with as it’s what you do as an accountant. If you wrote them to be engaging to people who are not accountants, it would create trust by showing that you know what you are talking about.

It’s important that you post content regularly so people know when to come back. Most website content manager systems will have a tool to schedule your posts… use it!

2. Newsletter

A newsletter will bring traffic to your website. If your blog is good and interesting, people will want to sign up so they don’t miss any of your posts. If you give exclusive content only via newsletter, they will definitely want to sign up!

Make sure you give a lot of value before putting in your call to action, aka “Buy button”.

There are a lot of great systems that you can use to prepare and schedule your email campaigns. Make sure the one you use has some analytics so you can check what works.

3. Social media

Social media can be your friend or a waste of your time, so you need to be clever when you use them. Don’t be in all of them! Be where your target market is – for example, target younger people on Tik Tok and Instagram or target business people on Linkedin.

Use tools to schedule your posts instead of spending time every day. I use Fridays to schedule my next week’s posts.