5 creative ways to use of your business cards

Once a month, I slim my wallet, taking all the receipts and business cards that I have collected in the last month. That triggered a thought while I was throwing the business cards into a drawer that I rarely ever look into, I call it the black hole draw. 🌌

What can we do to give that business card a longer life?

Use the back of your business card to create something useful or unusual that will make people want to keep your card handy. Here are five ideas:

1. Keep a space for a personalised message.

The back of the card is often used just to add the website or the logo. You add a white speech bubble where you can write a personalised message or an area where you can adhere stickers.

2. Use inspirational quotes.

Some people have an inspirational wall by their desks. Why don’t you give them a nice quote to put up on the wall? Think what your client would like to be inspired by and supply them with that.

3. Display a lovely picture.

If you put a beautiful picture on the back of your card, you stand a chance that the business card might get used as a bookmark or put in a visible place.

4. Make a game.

Imagine a business card with a connect-the-dots, a word search, or a sudoku. That would give your card a longer life, and you might even put a smile on your customer’s face.

5. Offer some tips or advice.

If your business is about giving advice or consultancy, then at the back of the business card you could include some useful information, for example, a how-to-do something or a resources list.

Conclusion, make your business cards unique, so they don’t end up in the black hole draw or worse, the bin.

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