5 tips to master your personal brand

Whether you are a freelance personal trainer or someone looking for your dreamed job, it’s important to project a great personal brand. If you take care to display the right impression, potential customers or employers will perceive you as a valuable person.

How? I hear you say…

Show your best side

By best, I mean what is best for your audience. Don’t project skills that have anything to do with the job you are applying or do.

Sometimes we focus on things we like and what you need to make sure is that you focus on things that your audience want to see.

Talk to your people

Make sure you speak in the same language that your receiver understand and feel comfortable.  If you are applying for an executive job, don’t use jargon and bad language.

Tidy your internet presence

We all have been on the internet for a fair period. It’s important to Google your name and declutter things that aren’t relevant or embarrassing. If you have videos or embarrassing pictures, try to make them private or delete them. And make your name search to show at the top things like Linkedin or your personal website.

Avoid hate and trolling online

We all get very passioned. But control your feelings and don’t write hate reviews or trolling people online. These are easy to be found on a Google search and look awful for your personal brand.

Be consistent

Make sure your language across the channels is coherent and consistent. Meaning that is the right style, and it’s the same on your website, CV, social media, etc.

By doing thing this, you will project a controlled look and feel that will be perceived equally throughout all platforms.


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