6 ethical new year resolutions for 2018

At the end of 2016, I wrote this post. I was feeling that the world was crumbling and that things needed to change to set the world back to its balance. I wanted to make Pixel and ink a more sustainable and ethical business by moving suppliers and being more cautious on the use of paper, recycling and purchasing things.

We still have a lot to do. But there are some of the resolutions achieved last year and our goals for 2018. One of my most significant resolutions is to learn how to make things better, and it’s the umbrella of all the smaller goals.

(✅ means done, ❎ means to do)

✅ Find ethical and sustainable suppliers

There is a lot to learn in front. Throughout 2017 we have moved our websites away from GoDaddy and have gone to SiteGround. GoDaddy has been great to help us grow but we need to lead by example, and they aren’t a transparent business. We have also been using a lot more our local printers for our jobs and printed in recycled when possible.

❎ No plastic policy

This is going to be a big challenge, not only for me but the planet. The amount of plastic we use it’s unsustainable. So there will be a policy for Pixel and ink that no plastic bottles and bags will be allowed in the office. Also, it’s time to reduce the amount of packaging by bringing lunch and buying loose fruit.

✅ Say no to bad business

This is a difficult one, for two reasons: 1 – because we need to earn money and 2 – we can’t control what others do. But we have said no to businesses that don’t align directly with our values. Companies that don’t respect the environment, the human rights or any of our ethical beliefs aren’t a good fit.

✅ Educate

Businesses have the power of help people but also educate for good causes. We admire Patagonia or Divine Chocolate because they do good things with good ethics and they teach their customers. As a brand, this is a big responsibility but also a significant privilege. We are also preparing a few campaigns for businesses to help them. Watch this space! (to find out more – Sign up for our newsletter)

✅ Recycle

We have become more strict on recycling. We are putting in place special bins and educating our co-workers to use them correctly.

❎ B-come a B-corp

This year we are determined to become a B-corp to demonstrate our transparency and commitment to the sustainable and ethical business.

📅 2018 consolidate and grow

This year we want to consolidate our last year resolutions and achieve some new ones. But I’m also keen to grow the business to reach more customers that would embrace the same values and would inspire their customers too. To get a quick growing chain of businesses determined to change the world to better and defeat the individualism and greediness making a place where we all can live together sharing the wealth. Might sound all utopia, but some goals need to be high in other to reach the furthest.

🥂 Happy new year to all and cheers to a better 2018

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