About Narcís Studio

Narcis Studio is a collaborative multi-disciplinary agency based in East London, by the Olympic Park. We use branding and design to help businesses to articulate uniqueness and connect with their customers.

Our approach to design is to enter the projects with an open mind and eyes wide open to understand our clients and spot all the opportunities. Our educated intuition has made us capable of seeing a brand with a 360º vision and giving effective solutions, no matter your budget.

"We will treat your business as if it was our own"

Our approach


We start any project with an open mind and a conversation. It’s vital to understand the job from all angles.


We produce multiple concepts at this stage. That’s for two reasons. There’s always more than one way to communicate what an organisation is all about. And a range of concepts helps discuss which visual approach feels right for current needs and upcoming plans.


This stage is tidying things up and ensuring you have everything you need to bring the brand to life.

The ultimate dream is that we can keep supporting your endeavours in the future, as we love creating ongoing relationships with our customers.

Our mission is to help people who run kind businesses.

Our values are superposed with design excellence and our corporate responsibility.

Design excellence is the only design.

We are people who help people.

Stay curious, stay creative.

If it harms people or the planet, we are not playing.

We do it because we believe it.

Make people happy.

Brands who trust us


Our people

Founded by Creative Director and designer Narcis Sauleda, we have developed a way of working that fits the project and client. We operate with a passionate team of other professionals with diverse skills and experience.

It is the best way we have found to make the projects under the proper budget and excellence. And it fits with our ethos of sharing the work.

Are you the missing piece?

If you think you could be part of our team, let's grab a virtual coffee and see if we are a match.

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