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Narcis Studio is a branding agency based in East London. We use branding and design to impact the world by helping businesses that REALLY care. We think that the economy shouldn't be for just a few, the world is big enough for all if we share it fairly. No need to go to space for just fun.

Covid and climate change are changing the game rapidly. We know that governments, businesses and the general public have to work together. That is where branding can play at its best. Helping to communicate your values and ensuring your transparency.

Our approach to design is to enter into the projects with an open mind and with the eyes wide open. And get strategic when it comes to the conception of ideas. Our educated intuition has made us capable of seeing a brand with a 360º vision.

Our mission is to make the world cool again.

Core Values

Our values are superposed with design excellence and our corporate responsibility.

Design excellence is the only design.

We are people who help people.

Stay curious, stay creative.

If it harms people or the planet, we are not playing.

We do it because we believe it.

Make people happy.


Narcís: the guy who started it.

Narcís was born and bred in a small town by the sea not far from Barcelona. He studying Graphic design and Art Direction at IDEP, Barcelona.

In 2006, after graduating, he came to London for one year to study English and have an adventure. And he never left.

He worked in design studios and as an in-house designer before setting up his small agency. His experience across digital and print helped him te gain a strong brand vision. The start of this studio was a bit of an accident. When working at a startup, the workload wasn't as high to fill out a whole week. And they became their first client instead of employees.


The team that fits you, not us.

The way we operate the studio is by collaboration. We know that no project is always the same. Sometimes we require more copywriting, sometimes it is all graphics, and sometimes it's a six-month project that needs a big team. So the way we get around this is by calling our partners and associates when we need them, which is like calling superheroes.

It is the best way we have found to keep projects under your budget and control. And it fits with our ethos to share the work.

If you think you could be part of our team, let's grab a coffee and see if we are a match.

Brands who trust us


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