The Unfinished Manifesto of Curiosity Creative

We live in a world where input is so big and time is so scarce that our curiosity diminishes. Infinite shows on Netflix, endless scrolls on Instagram, unrequested solutions from adverts and conversations with ChatGPT steal our time to sit down with curiosity.

We are not against technology; if anything, we love it and embrace it.

Curiosity is going to the unknown with an open mind and eyes. Is embracing mystery and willing to uncover secrets of the universe. We know this manifesto will never be finished, and it will be ever-changing because this is what curiosity does. 

Everyone has the right to curiosity

Everyone is capable of exercising curiosity. But technology is designed to steal our time. And time is needed to be curious. So, we are against deliberate distractions. Numb your phone (mute notifications or forget it at home).

Curiosity is innate

Humans have gone from living in caves to discovering fire to landing on the moon to fucking-up the planet. And we hope we also can unfucking it up.

Curiosity fosters innovation 

If you question things, you will get new answers. The piano inspired the typewriter (known as literary piano). 

Pursuit actively

We must go to places we have never been with an open mind and a turned-off judgment. We have to buy a book that we don’t want to read. We need to use tools in ways they aren’t supposed to be used.

Go back

Go back to places you have been, but go back as if it was the first time, and notice new things. 

Share and spread

Curiosity doesn’t need to be done alone. Be curious and exchange ideas with other people.  

Go too far

Don’t be happy with the first or second idea. Go further until it’s too far. You Can always backtrack. (Always within safety)

Do it for you

We often do things so we can share on social media. We go to museums to paint. We see a pretty waterfall throughout the mobile. Do it for yourself.