What we care about

At Narcis Studio, we care about more than design. We're deeply committed to creating a positive impact in the world and in the communities we belong to. Here's a closer look at our core values:

The Planet and the future

Everyday Actions: Our commitment begins with small daily choices. Whether it's recycling or choosing to cycle to work, we're hands-on in reducing our environmental footprint.

Our Base - Here East, Stratford: Nestled in Here East, we are part of an award-winning example of post-Olympic regeneration. Surrounded by 45 hectares of Biodiversity Action Plan habitat, we're proud to be in a place that is powered by 100% renewable, net-zero carbon electricity. Furthermore, sustainable transport is the choice for 88% of us commuting here.

Mindful Partnerships: Our environmental commitment even influences our choice of partnerships. We've declined collaborations with businesses that turn a blind eye to environmental concerns. And this is just the beginning; we have ambitious plans to further our environmental initiatives this year.

Sustainable Choices: Whenever possible, we work with sustainable hosting suppliers and printers. Plus, we regularly check in with our suppliers and clients to monitor their sustainability journey.

Upcoming Initiatives: Although we are in the early stages of devising projects that promote environmental awareness, we're eagerly seeking professional guidance to ensure meaningful contributions in this direction.

Charities and people

Partnering with TERN: We're proud of our ongoing collaboration with TERN (The Entrepreneur Refugee Network), assisting them in establishing businesses for entrepreneurs.

Supporting Charities: Beyond offering discounts to charitable organisations, we also take on pro-bono work, underlining our commitment to giving back. We also donate when there is an event or a race to people who support charities like Open Arms, WWF, Rethink Mental Illness, Book Aid International or Macmillan Cancer Support, amongst many others we also supported.

Donation for 2024 so far £0 in work

LGBTQ+ and all kinds of love

Fervent Defenders: At Narcis Studio, we don't just support; we are active advocates and defenders of LGBTQ+ rights. Our commitment is not just verbal; it's deeply ingrained in our actions and ethos.

Feminism and anti-racists

Business Selection: We are proactive in our desire to collaborate with businesses that champion women's and BAME rights, reinforcing our commitment to gender equality and a world without racism.

Educate ourselves: We are far from perfect, and that is why our education includes feminism and minority rights.

Always under-construction

Under construction gif from the 90s

We are humble and realistic to know that all the above is not enough. If anything is the bare minimum for a functional society. So please watch this space evolve as we learn and improve. 

If you have any comment or want to help us, please get in touch!