To a better 2017: Why your business should be ethical and sustainable?

This past year, 2016, will be remembered for a lot of events. In our personal lives, hopefully, we’ll have had enough good things to remember, we certainly do. In the world, however, is another story. The aftertaste of 2016 that we all seem to have is a dry and sickly hangover mouth.

But this post is not about Brexit or Trump. It’s about encouraging businesses to become more responsible, ethical and environmental. Because we believe in the power that brands have to, people and that is how we can change the world to a better place. In our point of view, money is a collateral benefit of helping people with what we are good at. Yes, the growth we might experience might be slower than a business focused on making money. But, the loyalty and the long term effects are better for everybody. What can we do?

Be more ethical and responsible

Don’t engage with other companies that their beliefs are not aligned with yours. We loved when Lego decided not to advertise in The Sun or Daily Mail. This decision was taken because they don’t believe in the hate spread by these newspapers. What a great ethical business decision!

They aren’t only stop funding hate, but they are also showing people that we should be nice.

We also admire companies like Brava Fabrics, which they offer a great product and manufactured ethically and locally (in Barcelona). They are challenging the status quo that most of the clothing companies have stabilised for years. Looking for cheap ways manufacture, so they to compete on price against other businesses is not sustainable neither is ethical.

Be more environmental and sustainable

With Donal Trump in charge of one of the worst countries in terms in of CO2 emissions, water pollution and endangered species we all going to have to make an extra effort to be more respectful to the environment and also inspire our customers to do so as well.

But is all this effort worth?

Of course, it is! By embracing a more responsible and sustainable policy you aren’t only helping the planet and its inhabitants. You also:

Improve brand image

You will become a positive brand, someone who we want to have around.

Save money

There are lots of ways you will save money by embracing sustainable policies. From subventions to reduced electricity bills to name two.

Future proof

In the next coming years we’ll have to apply sustainable policies, if you have them in place earlier will save you time in the long run.

Better clients and employees

You will attract loyal clients and better employees. People with principles.

Our resolution for 2017

This coming year we are going to investigate our suppliers to ensure they follow the ethics and find an alternative to the ones we are not happy with their activities. And we are also going to promote ethical businesses and encourage the embracement of peace instead of hate.

Here’s to a better 2017 and beyond!

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