Book of the month: Post-Truth by Evan Davis

Why after a year of Brexited the EU the NHS isn’t thriving? Wasn’t the government send 350 million to fund the NHS? Oh! It was bullshit! Also as known as Post-truth politics.

Evan Davis puts the record straight about the concept of Post-truth. Ever wondered how we get some pre-concept ideas in our heads? Why do we know better about Bilbao and its Guggenheim than Valencia? Or Why we buy big and red strawberries with no flavour?

We all know the Sun and the Daily Mail are the specialists on bullshitting. Using bid titles and selected and tweaked headlined they trick people’s minds and plant seeds of hate that grow with frustration and more lies.

Post-truth explores the idea if we have reached the peak Bullshit and how can we identify and act on this, so now called post-truth era. In the world where we are all connected to the information but most of the times closed inside echo chambers.

What did I love about this book?

This book is packed with cases of bullshit, some sound familiar and some were new to me but all made sense and were very interesting. One of the goals of this book is to get a better relationship with bullshit and navigate in the world of Post-truth.

I found very interesting the thoughts put in this book. How have we forgotten about the value of eating well by making school meals cheaper than what you can imagine? Only this thought, in which we, by we I mean the governments that we have chosen, have put finance over people.

Post-truth by Evan Davis is a current book, full of the latest developments such as Brexit and Trump. And explores in depth the bullshitting through history.

Overall I give it ****

I’m giving a good mark. I enjoyed the language and the storytelling of this book. I have learned a thing and got angry at a time for letting myself fall into the trap of the Post-truth but the book ends with an optimistic thought on how the truth will prevail over the bullshit.

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