Book of the month: Finding My Virginity

Richard Branson continues with his biography with Finding My Virginity. After Losing My virginity, which we reviewed a few months ago, he starts where he left it. This edition feels more like a lesson-I-learn than the gossip magazine feel that the last one had. This is a book with tones of information to be read in between lines. I felt the first book had a magic naivety that this book has lost, I imagine he has written more books and he has thoughted up his skills.

However, it is incredible the amount of ‘niche’ businesses he has been involved. Which it is a sign of how well he is actually doing as an entrepreneur. You get interesting insights of his empire and you can take good advice from nearly every chapter.

My staring for this book is: ***

Although I liked the book and it is inspiring for me it got a little bit boring at times. There is a lot of this second side of his life that you already know through news and articles. I much enjoyed the first one because there was a lot more learning. None the less is a good book!

Got any great book recommendation?

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