Book of the month: Hatching twitter

This month I have to be honest and tell you that I haven’t finished the book I promised last month. So I’ve opted to put an old beauty. Hatching Twitter is a book I read a few years back and recently recovered from my bookcase and reread some chapters.

What I loved about this book is how easy it reads and at the same time how many lessons you learn. But if you have ever worked on a startup you can identify a lot of situations described in the book. It is written pretty much like a novel and doesn’t get boring.

This book teaches you very valuable lessons, from how a side project can actually become one biggest social media platforms to how egos can effect at the function of a company.

My staring for this book is: ****

It’s such an entertainment. Tells you secrets and betrayals that you wouldn’t expect they existed from what you usually see from outside. Worth a read for any person but definitely a must read if you are involved in a Startup.

Got any great book recommendation?

If you have a good book recommendation leave comments behind because I do love reading and I don’t want to run out of ideas.

Next one, this time it will be… is the sequel to this one. Finding my virginity.

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