Book of the month: Losing my virginity

You might like or despise Richard Branson, but one thing you can’t deny is his drive for business. His autobiography, Losing my virginity, grabs your attention from the very first sentence.

It’s a really entertaining book, in which he mixes great business lessons with personal stories, sometimes cringy, at other times fascinating and other times hilarious. But, reading it, I felt I was meeting the real person behind the man who dreams of flying to space one day.

Richard doesn’t spare any details of very personal life as well as feelings in this book. He literally explains how he lost his virginity. But the fascinating bits are when he speaks about his investments, his vision and his debts. And how, in a very creative way, dodges failure time after time.

Sometimes you must have to guts to follow your gut, as he has done with a lot of his business adventures, despite advisors and friends told him “don’t do it!”. Non the less his achievements in the magazine, music and airlines have been remarkable.

My staring for this book is: ****

I really enjoyed this book. One moment it felt like university lesson on business, and a second later I thought I was reading a gossip magazine. Not no mention of Richard’s mad adventures such as crossing the world in an air balloon. This is an honest book in which Richard opens his heart and makes you feel welcome and part of his friendship circle. Worth a read.

Got any great book recommendation?

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Next one is the sequel of this one. Finding my virginity.

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