Branding for millennials

Branding is the articulation of your business. Nowadays, millennials are a big part of the potential customers for most companies.

Millennials are those who were born between 1981 to 1996. They are youngsters in their 30s and 20s, most of them are now working, and therefore they are potential customers. But how can your brand appeal to them?

You possibly know Greta Thunberg, a post-millennial that has become an inspiration for environmental fighters. She has succeeded because she has a purpose and empowered her idea via social media.

They have high expectations for brands and pay little attention to advertising, meaning brands must use different tactics to reach them.

Fit for good purpose

Purpose brands have a higher success rate; this is a must for millennials! They care about the environment and ethics, and nearly 70% confess to preferring an ethical and responsible brand. They are after recyclable packaging and non-plastic products.

So brands that help people and the planet are set to appeal to millennials.

Be personal

Millennials like to feel special and unique. Remember the successful campaigns from Nutella and Coke that they had personalisation packaging?

Connecting people

Millennials are the first generation that has been constantly connected. This is something to remember. To attract millennials, don’t ignore social media channels.

It’s an excellent opportunity to engage them with your brand. Still, also they can leverage valuable information such as product research, pricing or reviews of your services.

Be instagramable

Millennials share their lives on social media. This should make you think when you present your product, making your packaging attractive and creating a desire to share. If you have physical shops build a cool space so people want to come in to take their photos.

Now rather than later

Netflix is the best example of what are the expectations of a millennial. They are people that want things now, so one-hour delivery is better than five working days.

Be designed, focused and experiment

Millennials are familiar with design, and they will trust a well designed-brand. Also, they like to see innovation and experimentation.

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