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Branding for TERN

We have to be grateful when a dream job knocks on the door of our studio. At the heart of our “why do we exist” is to help the business that positively impacts the planet. And TERN (The Entrepreneur Refugee Network) are one of those organisations that do the most incredible job.

They help entrepreneurs to set up their businesses through their incredible programmes. And we got involved via the beautiful Leticia Credidio, who recommended us.

The result was an incredible array of businesses with a lot of heart. Companies that are modern and incredibly needed and all done from the perspective of entrepreneurs who have the experience of being refugees. Proving the governments who make things incredibly difficult for migration, people come to this (or any) country to put their weight and contribute.

Here are some of the work we did:

And if you have looked through our work, you might have seen Rebohoth, Apricus or Trees against poverty, which are all work coming from the same project.

Rehoboth is all about sharing incredibly delicious food from Ethiopian, all vegan.
A charity that tackles poverty and the environmental crisis.