Branding is recognition: Why branding is so important for your business

I’m just back from a holiday. Thailand was the destination, and don’t worry I won’t be bragging on my holiday, but instead I’ll be talking about branding and some thoughts that popped in my head while I was there.

So many times I have to explain to people why branding is essential for a business. Some people don’t see the point, as they think what is vital for a company is to be selling their product or service, and it’s also true.

Branding is a tool for any business to create a connection with their costumes. This connection is made in two ways: Recognition and Memorability.


When you design your brand you have to bear in mind your customer, you need to create the brand in a way that they feel attracted and recognise that brand as something they need. For example, when a brand is pink, we all understand that is trying to appeal to girls. Or gold is telling you that the brand is luxury. Recognition is also telling apart one brand from another.


When you managed to get recognised a brand of someone’s interest you enter in their memory. If your customer remembers your brand, they will come to you, because they know you already.

Being recognised abroad

While I was in Thailand, I came across to a lot of brands, some of them were new to me while others were more familiar to me. Although I could not read the brand, I knew what they were because of their logo, colours and look and feel where familiar.

Building a brand takes time because you need to go through different phases, that’s why it is essential to brand as soon as possible. But it’s worth the efford because as you grow as a company, your branding grows with you.

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