Branding: the why

I’m sitting with a client talking about new brand assets. We are having a kick-off meeting for his web and business cards.

– I’ll send you a document with the content for the website and in an email the business cards information. What do you need from me? – He says.

– I will need the Logo, if possible in vector format and if you have brand guidelines.

– Oh! I don’t have this. Do I need it?

– 😨 Well, it is essential to have a brand that represents who you are in front of your potential customers.

– Hmmm. I never thought about it! – He says.

We agreed to hold off the project for now, while he thinks what he should do next. And I sent him a couple of articles I wrote about why, how and what happens if you don’t have a brand.


If you go to a supermarket, in the cereal aisle, you can get overwhelmed with the amount of product there is. Look closer, and you will see some childish packaging, classic cockerel cornflakes, healthy muesli and exciting granola with things. You might buy whatever cereal you like because you like the packaging; because someone told you to ‘watch out for this granola with coconut, it’s amazing!’; or maybe you saw an advert on telly.

This example is a good metaphor for the general business market. The reason why people will choose your business over others will be due to different factors. The way you present yourself, it’s going to be an important one.

Branding brings to you and your business…

…recognition and memorability

You need a brand to look unique and to make yourself stand out from your customers. There are millions of companies in the world, and with such a connected world you must put your brand at the back of people’s mind.

…credibility and trust

Most of us wouldn’t have a problem with adding our credit card details at Amazon, but when a website looks dodgy, we will hesitate. The same happens with brands. You might be the best in your field, but if your brand seems dodgy, the customers will go to your competitor, who isn’t as good as you; just because they look better than you.

…attracting new and the right customers

If you are looking for a luxury present, you will look at brands like Fortnum and Mason, but if you are after cheap sportswear, you will go to Sports Direct. It isn’t by chance; their brands explain their values. Your brand will attract new customers, but most important is that your brand needs to call the right customer.


We need a brand that represents our values and attracts the right customers.


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