Business lessons learn while training

It’s 6.32 am, and the air is fresh and smells like spring. Summer is just around the corner, and triathlon season is about to start. You can tell by the number of runners around the park. One of them it’s me. This morning, one thought took me to another, and I realise that there are a lot of similitudes between running a business and a triathlon.

Yes, you can! Just believe in yourself

The first time I crossed the finish line of my first triathlon, I felt empowered. At that moment, full of adrenaline I could have done anything, even climb Everest! And, in fact, it was when I thought that I can start my own business. Just believe in yourself, and never say ‘I can’t because anything you tell yourself you will think it’s true, so delete the negative words from your vocabulary and tell your mind ‘Yes, I can.’

Of course, be realistic. You can’t run a marathon without training, good shoes and a good nutrition plan.

Set your goals

When you train for a triathlon, you know the distances you need to achieve by the end of the training plan. In business is the same. Know what you are working towards, know the goal and visualise it. That will keep you focussed and motivated.


While I run, I try to imagine a tunnel and focus on getting to the end. When you are working, you should try to avoid distractions and finish your task. Shut down your email, put your mobile far and just have in front of you all you need to complete the work.

Think of the reward

Often my mind plays tricks on me and says, ‘Narcis, you won’t make it today! You are too tired!’. It is then that I imagine how it will be the day of the event when I cross the finish line. Business is the same. Imagine how it will be when you achieve your goals.

Learn the techniques

When I learned how to swim efficiently, it made a massive difference. Suddenly with less effort, I was going faster and farther. In business, you will also benefit from acquiring new skills. You should identify which areas you need to improve and do it.

Practice makes perfect

The first day you go for a run or a swim, your body is in total shock. You are only three minutes into the workout session, and it feels like three hours. Two weeks later, your run 5k without spilling a drop of sweat. The same happens when you run a company. First, it’s challenging, and you make mistakes, but after a while, you get the hang of it. If it doesn’t improve get a coach!

Get help from professionals

One or two seasons ago, I injured myself. I rested and then start training, and I hurt myself again. And I rested and repeated the same problem. Then I got help from a physiotherapist and managed to get over that injury. Do the same in business. If you need help with the accounts, get an accountant, or if you need a brand, call us. 😜

Find your best time to work out

I am a morning person. I believe that if I work out earlier, then it is done and dusted. And the same when I work, I prefer to come to the office earlier and leave early too. Some people like the opposite. Find out what’s your most productive time and use it to your advantage.

Eat well

If you exercise, you need to eat accordingly. You can’t race without eating anything because you will run out of energy quickly. The same applies when you work. Make sure you eat healthy and well-balanced food. It will make you more productive and happier.


During training and after the race event, you need to rest before you start again. Your muscles need time to recover. Your brain also needs to rest. Put a beginning and an end to your days. And while you are resting, do not be tempted to check your emails. It’s time to relax.

Beat you get personal best

Every amateur athlete I know says, ‘I’m not competitive’, but the truth is that we all want to beat our previous times. It is a good attitude to have in business. Always wanting to get better at it.

Get the right equipment

On my first triathlon, I went along with the equipment I already owned. But as I went along and got more into it, I got a better pair of running shoes, a race belt, and every event you grow your collection. The same approach I take with my company. I invest in things as I need them.

Find a group of cheerleaders

When you have people cheering you on, you feel good and race with more impetus to not disappoint them and reach the finish line to hug them. Tell people about your business progress so you get cheered on.

Enjoy the day

I try not to think about what’s coming ahead and enjoy each part of the event, so while I’m swimming, I have fun, then have a splendid time while I’m cycling, and so on. While you are doing business, try to enjoy each moment because the difference with a triathlon is that the event never ends.


At the end of the race, I always have a friend waiting for me with a beer to celebrate the achievement. Do the same when you finish a project, when you get a new client or when you sell your first item. Celebrating will make you feel good and want more!

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