Business tools we use and love

A collective studio has many challenges when it comes to project management and invoicing. The Internet is full of great tools that can help but which are right, and wich are not so good? The answer is a trial error. Here are some of the tools that work well for us.

Quick Books

The main reason we use Quick Books is that it syncs with our accountants. They can log in and sort our numbers easier, and we just need to input them into the app. As the accountancy app is basic but does all, we need to do. Budget, invoice, estimates and expenses.

There are powerful ones out there, but all depends on the business need.


In Asana, we organise the whole business. We use it to keep track of pretty much everything. From project management to list blog ideas and everything in between. It’s great to help you automate business functions and teamwork. It’s really versatile!

Google Workspace

We shouldn’t be using the giants, but we haven’t yet found an alternative that actually works. Google Workspace is used by many of our clients, and therefore it’s a nice way to collaborate. It does our emails and cloud.


Automating your business cannot get easier with Zappier. Many tasks can save you a lot of time. Zappier is one of those tools that would be worth all the money you pay if you make time to learn. Their free start plan is good anyway.

Adobe Creative Cloud

What can I say about this tool? It is the one we use the most. The reason we recommended it is that if you are starting and branding your business, creating brochures or advertisements, Creative Cloud offers a free trial that you can use to get started and then unsubscribe or just pay for the time you need to finish your projects.


Siteground is our go-to Hosting Service. It is not officially a sustainable hosting, but it isn’t too bad when it comes to it. Their customer service is AMAZING and their pricing are pretty competitive.

What tools do you use? We’d love to hear how you organise your business. Comment below!


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