How to choose your promotional channels

One of our clients has been trying to attract people through social media. He has been working for months now, and he struggles. When I asked him what was his strategy, he answered: ‘What do you mean?’.

Well, what I mean is that you can’t promote your business by putting random things on random channels. Because by doing this is like throwing a bottle with a message to the ocean and hope for someone to find it.

To promote your business, you need to find the right channel, by channel I mean the place where you will distribute your information, whether it is an advert or a content piece.

A lot of businesses choose Facebook to sent promotions. ‘Because everybody is on Facebook!’ they say. Not everybody is on Facebook, and not everybody is in the mood to be interrupted from their leisure while stalking their friends.

Before starting throwing promotional material, find out where is your potential customer. Then study how much effort you have to put for them to see your content. For example, Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t always show your stuff to the people they like your page. There are a lot of factors, like how many people likes your content or if they comment on it. Therefore, if you have to put too much effort on this social media, it might be worth considering other ways to promote.

Consider channels like newspapers or magazines. It gets a lot of viewers that might be your customers later on. But remember if you sell crafted jewellery don’t write on a construction magazine because there won’t be many potential clients.

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