Colour theory: a rainbow of feelings for your clients

Who doesn’t like colours? I could spend a lifetime talking about colours, what they mean and what they make us feel. The theory of colour is full of science and has a lot to do with psychology.

The colour is a valuable brand asset. It brings the brand alive and creates emotions that interact with your interlocutors. That is “the why” you shouldn’t just choose a colour that you like. You should consider which tone your customers will engage emotionally.

The Power of colour

Colour can have a strong emotional and memory power for your brand. See the examples below, what brands do you think they are?

The meaning of the colours

Each colour has an emotional and social connotation. It changes depending on the county or the culture. But in general terms, these are the meaning and psychology of the colours.

Tone it down or up

Apart from the primary colour, you can use tonalities of the same to emphasise or organise your brand assets, brochures, etc.

Less is enough

A bright and multicolour brand can be fascinating. However, we must be careful not to end up looking childish. A rule in design that we always need to apply is less is more. Unless there is a good reason for it, keep things simple.

Some brands have a lot of departments or subbrands, that could be a good reason to have a multicoloured brand.

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