Creativity and design thinking for entrepreneurs

We leave in a world with a lot of input. Internet and smartphones have changed the way we relate to the world… and that is totally fine! I’m not a grumpy old fart that thinks that back in the day everything was better. In fact, I think technology can help improve your creativity.

However, I believe we have lost the sense of curiosity by having our university notes uploaded in the portal, and having Netflix at a tap of the thumb and Google to tell us everything. We have become a bit lazy when it comes to using our brain to solve problems. But that is not the only factor, education from parents and teachers have killed and made us lazy too, remember when you were a child and were asking a lot of question and you got asked to shut up? Or when you climbed a tree your parents brought you down? After a while, we stopped thinking like a kid and became adults that use Google as a problem-solving solution.

Become a child again!

This is why I think we must question everything and become children again! Because not all you read it in the news or in Google means it’s true or the only way.

One of the best times to learn fast and be curious is when you need it. Imagine the times that you had to change the tire of your car or bike, the knowledge that you had vaguely heard sometime… but when it’s time to use it we have no clue! Then you learn it in a hard way, in the dark of a rainy evening, and you remembered it forever.

Now, design thinking and creativity is something we all have, I do encourage you to try next time you need to solve a problem, try to be creative. Creativity is to be open to any solution to solve a problem, that is how most of the new businesses and start-ups found their products and services.

Music to my fingers

A man called Dr. Samuel Ward Francis examined a piano and saw how a mechanism of wooden levers made a hammer knock a string that made a certain sound. And he thought, if I change the certain hammer to a stamp with a letter you could type… and that is how the typewriter came about.

Are you Creative?

Of course you are! If you think that you aren’t then it might be because you haven’t exercised your grey matter. Why don’t you try these five habits that will help to be more creative?

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