How to be a better manager

Throughout my job life, I have worked for great companies and learned a lot about how to do things well and not so well. What makes a good boss?

Learn, train and develop yourself

No one is born a manager. There are many tools, courses and ways. And you can make yourself an excellent open buy reading lots and developing your skills.

Develop time-management skills

Use your time wisely and dedicate the time that your colleagues deserve. As a manager, always being available to your subordinates is good.

Active listening to win

Active listening is not thinking about what you will say next; it is about listening to what they tell you. You can take your time for your reply once you fully understand.


If your team is behind, you will win. They will stay late if something needs to be done urgently, they will side with you when there is a problem, and they will go the extra mile when it’s not necessary.

Sit with your team

Get involved with your team. Sit with them. It’s the best way to know what’s happening and get your team behind you. Laughing and helping is easier when you are nearby.

Don’t need to know all the answers

It’s ok not to have the answer there and then. You can search for it and come back to them with something well-researched, or you can ask the expert on your team about it.

Give credit, don’t take it

I have seen managers that take credit for teamwork. I always find it friendly and honest to speak about us instead of I.

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