Goodbye August! Our highlights and lowest points

August has been great overall. But, this month was shadowed for the horrible attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, which they broke our hearts. None the less gave us some food to think about how we deal with our problems and how we should get involved with our society and stop staying in the shallow end. When we hear information, the news we should contrast and make sure we don’t believe everything is written.

This month I have worked standing (and sitting) with my new desk thing. It has been great for two main reasons: one, because of my back which feels good to stretch and relax during the working day. Two, it changes your mind set and helps productivity. Because every time you change position feels like you changing place, which seems like you arrive at work few time a day.

We have, as usual, shared some knowledge and thoughts on design and branding. This month, we talked about design rules, basic knowledge all business owners should know to control their brand. Like thinking about their customers and paying attention to the typography. Another thought we shared was about communication: you have to be clear over clever. And by any means lock your customers to your business, instead work hard to keep them.

It has been a month with a high interaction with nature. It has given us an spectacular show, such as the eclipse, and has reminded us its the power with floods and fires.

Finally, August has brought us a very interesting book. A book packed with knowledge and great advise. I thought was a bit pessimistic, but in a good way as it puts your feet on the floor.

Goodbye August! Thank you for the great stuff that you gave us. And welcome September, we are ready to receive Autumn.

Oh yes! And we should know the resolution on the case of Dalí’s paternity test.

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