How to hack your workspace to look branded on low budget

Decorating an office can be expensive. You have to get painting, maybe flooring (check this product for floring), signage furniture… Unless you are in a serviced office which then it’s limited what you can do. None the less your workspace can be branded, and if you are often receiving clients in your office or if you own a shop you have to make sure that your workspace is consistent and coherent with your brand.

But I didn’t say impossible. Here are some easy hacks that should be on your budget.

Paint the wall with your main brand colour(s)

Branded walls

This could be a very cheap way to bring your office following your brand. A splash of your brand colour could be enough to impress your clients when they come to visit your office or your shop. You can DIY it or get someone to do it for a reasonable price.

Tell your brand story on the walls

Branded walls

Putting your brand values on the walls makes you sexy to the customers that come to visit you. But more, makes your employees learn them and be proud of them. You can get a bulk of 3D letters from a flea market or can paint them on the walls. If your brand is funky enough, you could even graffiti them!

Get branded stationary

Branded notebooks

Having stationary with your brand colours on the tables also help to make your office feel like a whole brand. You could print notebooks with your logo, but also just having pens, notebooks and pen pots with your brand colour could be enough.

Print your logo in a big format

gilbert and george

Printing in a big format isn’t too expensive these days you could print one or various posters and attache them to make an impressive wall in a Gilbert and George‘s style.

There are many things you can do to brand your space. I hope these few ideas prompt you to more. Branding your workspace is as important as branding your website or your brochures, not only because of your customers but it helps the employees to feel part of your brand. I always try to come out with themes that can be useful to small businesses, but if you have something you would rather hear about, please get in touch!

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