I dare you!

My friend can’t stand her boss. She said ‘I’m quitting!’ and I replied ‘I dare you!’. Then a list of excuses came out of her mouth. ‘Well, I can’t until I finish this project that will give me a boost for my CV’.

We have to stop being afraid of making mistakes because then we never push ourselves. We should embrace them and do it as soon as possible because you will learn from them. The more you wait, the worst will become the perception of making mistakes.

I take the approach of making mistakes is like paying university fees. Sometimes mistakes cost money or sometimes they cost a client. What’s important is that you accept the error, and learn what could have been done to avoid it.

If you can always try to have a safety net or a plan B. But sometimes it’s not possible to foresee what is coming.

Stop giving yourself excuses so that you can have a lay in and get up from your VIP-comfort-zone bed and start walking to your dreams because things don’t happen by luck, believe me.

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