I don’t want to be like you: branding to be different

A potential customer came over asking for a logo. We sat for a coffee and talk about their branding needs. An interesting conversation setting who their customer was and the values of the business. Just before we finished, I asked if there were any brands that he liked, this is a typical question I always ask, it helps me to understand the customer’s taste.

When I came back to the office, I found an email from the client. He was essentially asking me to copy their competition logo. I, obviously, didn’t accept the job, not only because I would be bridging the Intelectual Property from another designer, but I also because a brand needs to be unique and thought for the business and its clients.

Here are some reasons you have to own your brand:

Be unique

Branding your business helps you to position yourself as a unique company. If you think about pharmacies, it’s quite difficult to know a name of them (maybe Boots, but I’m referring to just pharmacies). If you think about supermarkets you know which one is “the cheap” and which is “the posh”. It’s true that the nature of supermarkets and pharmacies is different, but it’s a good way to illustrate why you don’t want to be confused by your competition.

Don’t copy

If your brand feels like a copy of another, you will look like a copycat. But most important is that if you are bridging the copyright of another brand you can get in trouble with fines and even having to rebrand your business. Just don’t copy!

Talk to your customers not to yourself

Mos people love Apple’s brand. But that doesn’t mean that the style might work for your business. Apple perception is expensive and exclusive, while Nokia or Motorola are more accessible and cheaper brands. Don’t think about your taste, imagine what your end client would feel when they see your brand.

Create your reputation

When you have a unique brand, you also have an excellent opportunity to start your reputation. You will be the one that has the truth on your field. You need to create a positive status for your business.


My customer liked their competition’s logo for the wrong reasons, and I wish him all the luck, but it’s very important to own your brand, and it has to be appealing to who ultimately you work for, your customer.


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