I’ll tell you why I do like Monday

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– Oh no, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow! – Says someone sitting at the next table. It’s Sunday evening, we are stuffed after eating a Sunday roast. I remember when I use to feel like that.

The thing is, we spend at least 8 hours a day at work, and that is without counting the commute time and some for companies you need to add one hour for lunch. What I’m trying to say is that is a big ask to yourself, so you should work somewhere that you are happy, and that Sunday evening doesn’t make you feel anxious or should plan your escape!

When you are unhappy at work, you bring your grief everywhere you go. People get tired of hearing your moaning about work. If you have no worries at work, you can focus on enjoying life and talk about interesting things.

I know quitting a job isn’t an option for many of us. I’m not saying you should leave without a security net. But all the stress and bad energy you generate should be converted it into productive energy, an energy that you will use to find your next moves.

What do you suggest?

You should decide whether you want a new role or you actually want to create your perfect position, also known as starting your own company.

Make a list

List all the things you like from your current role and things that you don’t like. This will help you understand whether you dislike your current job because of your boss or because you would like to be focusing on other skills.
You may even decide that you would like to do an entirely different job. It is important to consider because you will have to plan for that.

Stop making lame excuses

You either want or not want to improve your happiness. Many of us spend a lot of time saying ‘No, I can’t because [put your lame excuse here]’. These excuses are just a projection of fear. Don’t highjack your dreams. Just get on the case and focus on achieving it!

Be realistic and plan

You will need to decide whether to save money and then quit your job or if you start your new business aside from your work. Whatever you do remember that it will be hard work but for a short period of your life. Sometimes it’s like playing chess, you might need to move to one or two jobs to find happiness at work.

Failure and plan B

Failing isn’t a bad thing. Failure is the Yang or the Ying (sorry for being cheesy!). But you need to have a plan B if your next move doesn’t go how you expected. Just take failure it as the fee you pay to university. But hey! Don’t give up your dreams on the first try… sometimes it takes more than three times to be lucky.

The intention of writing this post it to encourage people not to conform with what they have just because it’s why they no… I read somewhere that the magic happens outside your comfort zone.

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