The importance of your true brand in the Post-truth era

Post-truth became the word of 2016. Social media has contributed to spread fake news, or alternative facts and personal branding and branding are becoming tools to become a guru in your field. But is it sustainable to lie in order to win votes or earn money? Is it worth to devalue your credibility to survive one more day in your job?

Reading Post-truth of Evan Davis has made me think how branding it will become so important in the times where lies are becoming the norm. But also the audience is savvier and eventually will understand what is true and what not. And with that, the cycles of momentary beliefs will be shorter. Things like Trump, Brexit and Politics will become harder for those who employ lies to convince their followers. I think branding is also in the greatest moment of its existence thank to the Post-truth Era. Companies will have to become honest, and their brands will have to reflect these new a nice values.

Honesty over Ego

I see all these Gurus online where they say how they the best on their field. They consultants promising that your business will earn “six figures” in 90 days following the method of So-Fantastic-Mr-X. However, you don’t hear anybody who has engaged with them to be rich, is it because they all busy having cocktails in the island they just bought? Possibly not.

I think businesses have to start being honest and stop selling promises that in the end are all smoke and mirrors. Because a sustainable business can’t be just a trending topic for few months, you have to create a client base that will be loyal through the years.

Authenticity the key to being unique

Each of us is different. And that is one of the characteristics of your business that can’t be stolen from you. People don’t buy brands anymore, buys from people. If you capture your unique best side you will get your audience defined automatically. People that like you will follow you and over the time will become loyal customers.

Baitclick is not good for Facebook but neither for your reputation and so are other false promises

Facebook penalises the so-called Baitclick. But that shouldn’t be your worry, your customers will punish you harder if you make a promise that won’t fulfil the customer’s expectations. This is why you have to live up to their standards. Because you will manage a click to your sales page but that might make it the last one.

The community feel

As well as the echo chambers are the perfect place for conspiracy theorists and hatred, communities are actually a great place to educate and nurture your customer into your own brand. If you manage to engage with them and also make them engage among them you will be on the path of success. People love talking about things they love.


The best thing of the era of Post-truth is that we’ll all become together to fight against lies and hatred. It will take time, but slowly things will change. The way politics engage will have to be transformed to real engagement and real promises because the savvier the audience become the short will be the gap of forgiveness. And the same will happen to brands and gurus that aren’t compelling and complying with their audience.


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