Is your business ready?

Your business will be ready regardless you have ticked all the boxes or none. A company is always under construction. The market changes, and so does your business move along. We have thought about what are the things that a business must have.

1. A well-defined product or service

People don’t buy products or services; they buy solutions. If you understand your customer’s problem is easier to define the solutions.

You can define a specific problem and be clear when you solve it. This usually is called niche. It is easier to help and communicate, but it is not the only way.

We communicate how we can help the customer by understanding their needs. We can design a brand from strategy to the logo, from a brochure to a website. This usually makes things challenging to communicate.

You need to know how you help businesses or people because that is what you must express in your communications.

2. Know who you are talking to

You know what you do, but do you understand who you are selling it to? The reason why this is important is that you have to ensure your language is adequate, your personality is aligned with your customer, and because knowing who your customer is, you know if they hang out on Instagram or at the local market (where you can give them flyers).

We have a set of customer profiles to understand who we are talking to. They are similar in many ways because you don’t speak to a 70-year-old woman as you speak to a millennial.

3. Define your brand

It is infrequent to be offering a unique solution. Apple is not the only one that offers mobile phones or computers. What they have defined is their unique way of doing things. They sell status; they make you feel special.

We know we are not the only ones doing branding and design. But we know that we can help businesses with a 360º vision when it comes to design. We understand that what you say on your website needs to be complementary to what you told someone in a brochure because your brand is the articulation of your business and needs to be looked at as a whole.

4. Professional and consistent look

When you look for a service, you look for professionalism. If their website looks shabby, you will think twice about contracting them. Trust is not only verified by how many stars they have on Google but also comes through your own eyes.

We always try to ensure that everything from our business is consistent and looks professional because that is what we sell. But also because when someone sees our estimated quote will remember who we are because we look consistent with our website.

5. Measure

Measuring how you are doing it’s essential to be able to react if things don’t go to plan. You have to have a long-term plan and be able to split it up into measurables. If your measure is sales, how many sales are you expecting? Be specific and time-bound. And logic. More followers might mean more sales. Ok, measure the followers and the sales from that.

6. Budget

What is your budget to run your business? Do you have a budget for advertising? Do you have a budget for marketing actions? We know that running a business is difficult because the priorities change, and your website and marketing always get postponed. We have that too.

You are not alone! We have been there, sometimes still there, and we have solutions that can adapt to your budget. if you want to pick our brains, please do so here. Giving value and helping brands is what we live for.

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