It’s not magic business. It’s a rollercoaster! 3 tips to not get queasy dizzy

When I started my business, it all felt like the promised land was on sight. I read all those gurus telling me how easy was to start a 6-figure business and buy a yacht. Four years later I manage a 5-figure, but it’s nowhere near turning 6…

Four years review I can only say it has been a rollercoaster. At times I have been thriving, but at other times I felt really queasy. None the less I love it, and I have learned different “nausea medication” that works for the lower times.

Find steady money

One of my tricks is to get a part-time contract that brings steady money every month. Businesses have costs, such as your coworking desk or your monthly Adobe subscription (in the case of designers). What’s important it’s to get these covered. Another way to get steady money is by getting passive income by selling books or courses.

Get a VA

VA stands for a virtual assistant. When you are by yourself often work and admin overlaps and you have to choose between meeting a deadline or getting paid.

A virtual assistant doesn’t cost a lot and helps you to offload tasks like bookkeeping, calendar management or email offload. And it makes you look very professional as they are seen as part of your team.

Make yourself visible

My business works mainly on  ‘word to mouth’. It is an excellent way because your potential clients come with a predisposition. However, it’s very slow. Marketing and PR will help you become visible, and the investment should give you a good ROI (Return on investment). Google ads, Facebook ad or even an advertisement in a local magazine it’s quite affordable. Other ways to make yourself visible is offering to talk or sample your product in complementary businesses, for example, a dietist could talk about how to lose weight in a health food shop.

There isn’t magic in business. Everybody, including those gurus who claim otherwise, has to work hard but most importantly find efficiency.

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