Last minute Christmas for business who run out of time

I just had a call from someone who told me that they have been so busy that they run out of time to design and send their Christmas cards. On this call, we had an awesome quick brainstorming for ideas to do on Christmas when it’s too late. This is what we came up with.

New Year Card

In France, people send their “Bonne année” cards throughout January. I suggested that they prepare a card to wish their clients a happy new year. By the time they get it, they will get an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Hope you had a good one card

Similar to the above, they could surprise their clients with a retrospective card wishing that they had a great Christmas.

Never too late card/gift

January and February are long and tedious months. You could send your client a gift or a card in the middle of winter to cheer them on.

Donate to a charity

A few years back I run out of time too. What I did was sending £20 on behalf of each of my clients. Then I send them an email telling them that’s what I did and where the money went.

Send a 2019 calendar

Sending something that has a sense for the new year. A calendar lasts than a whole year.


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