Learn to say NO

A few years back I read a book called Yes Man, by Danny Wallace. It was a quite funny story about a guy that decided to say yes to everything and getting into all sort of trouble.

Sometimes I’m a bit like the Yes Man. Having acknowledged that here is my tip on how to say Yes or No to a project: do it for at least two of these three reasons: money, excitement and contacts.


Of course, I hear you saying. That’s what we are in business! We’ll yes and no, sometimes if the project brings contacts and excitement you might do it for less. Money is the only one of the reasons which sometimes I break my own rules.


Often the money for a project is scarce, so something else needs to make for it. Excitement (in the designer’s case would be a great brand or a project that would be great to showcase).


When a project can get you new projects or lead you to potential clients is a great reason to do it.


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