Lessons from 2018: Perfection vs high standards

I am a perfectionist, or at least this is what my business partner said to me when a year ago we came up with a new business and our website was never finished. She said we need to launch, test and improve fast. And this is something that we get told from very little, and it has to be perfect. This 2018 has been pretty cool. I have learned lots about business. One of the most valuable lessons is don’t obsess with perfection.

Another experience that has helped me was towards the end of the year when a keen client wanted their website ready as fast as we could, and they pushed me to launch a site that wasn’t quite finished. This was good because we had the opportunity to improve it while the site was already public, so any problems or missing things were spotted and solved faster.

High Standards are good

Don’t get me wrong, I think you still have to have high standards. But the trick is to not obsess with perfection. Things need to look finished and not provisional. Then you will improve them.

Set deadlines

Having deadlines help to finish things. One of the problems I face sometimes is that I work in a very agile way, this means that deadlines sometimes are open and as a result sometimes perfection strikes back.

Better done than perfect

We should live on this motto. When you try to find perfection, nothing gets done, so it’s best to have it done. Someone said to me 1% is better than 0%.

When you are done, do it again

If you are after perfection, then it’s just a matter to do finish stage one and then work on phase two and so on.

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