Lies and other magic tricks of Marketing

BP targeted me on Twitter. Not sure why, because I despise them. In fact, they are one of the causes why I resigned in 2012 from a studio where they had quite a few nasty clients.

The truth is that it is difficult to choose whom to work with because you have to pay bills and be able to make a profit. But the reality also is that one has to be loyal to their own principles. Mine is kindness, meaning I just can’t get involved if it harms people or the planet.

The marketing and communication industry it’s an incredibly crowded space, from people who know how to use and move things around in Canva to experts of communication who can make magic tricks with words.

Here’s an example:

Marketing well done but not honest

The ambiguity and word juggling is well done:
Intend – have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or intention; plan. (example: I intend to lose weight)
Support – give approval, comfort, or encouragement. (example: I support Arsenal (not really))
Working to produce – Intend
As we transition towards net-zero – How? By when?

To me, it is self-evident because I understand the industry as well as I have tremendous hate for this business. But for the average citizen, this sort of publicity makes them feel better.

The responsibility of this advert is, of course, the business and the owners (humans). And then that responsibility goes down to whom accepts the project, the marketing agency and their owners (humans), and then the designers (humans), and the last responsibility is the client (human).

My point is that usually, we put the responsibility on the consumer. I hear things like:
– You need to shop local
– You have to understand where your money goes

And, yes, we, as consumers, should try to put our money on good things for the planet. But businesses should also take responsibility for their delivery and honesty.

I, as a business, try not to get involved in greenwashing or even in companies that harm our system. It is pretty challenging to do when you are a one-human agency. So I understand you have many salaries to pay if you are multinational. But that does not exempt your responsibilities.

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