Not all brands need to save the world

Not all brands need to save the world

I am seeing many businesses claiming to be the “… for a better world”. It’s not that I am against this claim, but I feel it is vague and generic. As a brand, you have to be specific on your promises as much as being consecuent.

If you look at TOMS shoes, selling shoes wasn’t enough, their better world looked like all children should be wearing shoes. So their responsability as a brand also aligns as businessm so for every pair of shoes sold, they donate a pair to a child in need.

Who Gives A Crap use their benefits to build toilets on communities who need it.

Patagonia’s claim is: “We’re in business to save our home planet.” This is the driver for making sustainable products, they donate a percentage of sales to environmental causes, they report their responsability results and their claims..

All the avobe are brands do “the better world” thing, but their promise is shown on their mission, on their vision. Is in their DNA. Now as a brand you might not have the capacity to do great things, but you also don’t have to claim what you aren’t. How do you know if you are a purpuse led business?

The brand strategy starts with purpose

One has to start with an honest assesment. Who are you? Why are you in business? What do you do to fulfil that purpuse?

We can’t just let the marketing team to dig for the good things we do, we have to start doing things, leading by example before we claim to be the positive change in the world that many brands claim to be. Wishful thinking is not enough.

1. Finding your real purpose: Start by asking yourself why your business exists. Beyond money, what is it that you solve? And is that impacting positively in society? If the answer is no, then you should ask how can we impact positively in society. But before you start claiming, you have to start doing!

2. Consistency, consistency and consistency: Your brand purpose should filter throughout the whole business. You have to believe it, your employees have to believe it and your clients have to believe it. Your actions should speak for itself. And you have to be, before you claim to be!

3. Storytelling: Crafting a compelling brand story comes along when you are doing something for real. The storytelling shouldn’t feel hardwork, if it does you are not yet there. Keep working before you claim

Brand purpose is not just a buzzword, and it won’t set you appart from your competitiors anymore. What makes it a powerful tool for differentiation, customer loyalty, and social impact is being able to lead your industry. It’s being real.

Check your purpuse!

We have put together a 4 week course to build your brand purpose. To understand who are you as a brand. This course includes:

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