Quick Tip: Grids and alignments to get your brochures looking professional

‘Narcis, why the brochure you designed looks professional and the one I copied from yours isn’t?’ asked me for my client, who asked for a brochure template so she can fill it up every month.

This question prompted me to think why, as these days I do most of the designs by intuition or automatic brain.

I analysed my client’s brochure and the one I set up as a template and was not difficult to see that she moved the text boxes from where they were original.

Make it Zen

I’m sure you feel calm when you are in a clean and tidy white room. Moreover, you feel anxious when you have papers everywhere, and the place is messy. The same happens to our brain when we see a brochure that isn’t well organised. When you look at a marketing piece that looks professional most of the time is because it follows a grid and is aligned, therefore is zen.

No need to be boring, be playful

A grid shouldn’t constrain the design. It should aid it. Download below some ideas on how to play with a grid.

White space speaks more than text

One of my clients us obsessed with filling the white space. He thinks that as he is paying for print, it should all be filled up to the bream. In fact, white space is more powerful than a well-written text, because it will create tension or will drive the eye to the point you are trying to make.

Make it all coherent and consistent

Make sure your typefaces or fonts are cohesive with your design and logical. Keep it to one or two types, one for titles and one for body texts. This way it will help in keeping order and professionalism.

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