Running the business Marathon

February I started a training plan for the Hackney Half Marathon. Whenever I train for a sports event, I tend to find similitudes with life and business. I have written before about it.

The other day I was on a long run, which consisted in 19km, as you can imagine my mind wandered around for the nearly two hours that the run last. During that run, I had a few ‘I want to quit’ moments, and around three-quarters of the distance, I also walked for few meters to recover.

Running a business feels very much like running a marathon, or training for it rather. You have to prepare mentally and follow a strategy in order to achieve your goal.

The graphic below is how my 12-week plan looks.

The course of my business is actually a similar graphic. It took a while to make the decision and signing up with HMRC, and then off I went. The first few weeks of business I did feel motivated and it was easy, there were lots to learn and prepare, but the rhythm wasn’t too bad. Then you start getting busy with paid business and having to do all the business development (eg looking for new clients and doing your accounts).

My mind works also in a similar way in both cases. I was very motivated when I started, but the harder it gets to do business or when you have a rough patch I have an ‘I want to quit’ moment.

Preparing for this half Marathon has reminded me that if you put the effort you can make it. And that if you need to walk is ok. And it’s fine to have ‘I want to quit’ moments as long as you overcome them. The only answer to success is putting your weight and having a business (or training) plan.

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