Ryanair, a brand set to crash?

Summer at last! How many of you are about to board a plane to your well-deserved holiday? It’s not strange that a lot of us will choose our airline on the price, not so much on their branding or five-star service.

I stop flying Ryanair a long time ago. I couldn’t cope with their cheeky website and poor customer service. I preferred to pay a bit extra to get a better time.

Trying to be nice

A couple of months ago I used them again after 7 or 8 years of Ryanair-abstinence. I got the impression that they were trying to change. They re-branded their website, and they look and feel to move away from the high-hassle reputation they well earned over the years. At that time I didn’t think it went that bad! So I opened my mind to use them again if the occasion made it worth.

And so I did last week.

Old habits die hard

Ryanair earned a bit of credibility from my part. And I booked the flights soon after my last remission-trip.

The first surprise came with the seat allocation (which previously when booked together they’d sit you together): one in the front and the other at the back unless you pay. The second surprise was the unclear way of paying for their luggage on their website made us pay only for one trip which when you have to pay to the airport the price of a suitcase doubles.

Your brand should be honest and consistent

Earning the trust and the credibility that your business needs are a very laborious and lengthy job.

This experience made me think how easy is to lose a customer and how difficult is to earn their trust. I took me several years to give them a second chance, and they blew it in two journeys.

We all know what Ryanair stands for, which is a cheap and awful airline that will make your trip a nightmare to get you to your dream destination. And if you are prepared for that it’s fine!

What I think is unfair is lying to your customers, pretending to have changed, but in the end, you haven’t.



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