We smartly solve problems, ensuring that your budget is effective and well-spend. We offer branding, design and full-service creative solutions.

Accelerator packages

We know how difficult it is to start a business and how much it takes to build a brand because we have done it many times.

That is why we have put together these packages. They are great value and will put your business on its feet.

Logo accelerator

This option is great for start-ups or new businesses with limited resources.

£1,050 – One payment
£375 x3 Months

What do you get?

Logos: You will receive your logo in the following formats for both print and screen usage. (High and low-resolution JPG, High and low-resolution transparent PNG, Vector file VSG and EPS.

▸ Brand Guidelines: This is a comprehensive 6-page PDF document that explains how to use your logo effectively, suggests image styles that would suit your brand, provides the colour palette and fonts for maintaining a consistent brand, and offers examples of applied design.

Brand application: An asset with your brand applied, business card, social media tiles set, packaging...

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Strategy accelerator

This is a 12-week programme to build your brand strategy from the inside out.

£1,500 – One payment
£525 x3 Months

What do you get?

Weekly lesson: Every week, you will get one lesson and tasks to apply as you go.

▸ Fortnight coaching: Every two weeks, we'll meet up to see the work you have done. Together, we'll comment and revise your work to ensure you are on track.

121 support: You can contact Voxer anytime for questions, and I will reply during the next working day.

Everything accelerator

This is ideal for businesses that need to be ready to launch and thrive.

£2,500 – One payment
£650 x4 Months

What do you get?

▸ Everything in the previous packages.

Brand strategy

Branding is the articulation of your business. That is why we understand that starting from the core, your brand essence, is necessary to develop a strong brand. Setting your brand strategy is something we can help with. By that, we mean vision and mission, values, positioning, messaging, personality, etc.

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We can help you articulate your brand into everything and everywhere in your business. Branding needs to be consistent and coherent throughout the whole customer journey. We build brands that resonate with customers and build lasting experiences.

Thanks to the nature of our studio business model, we can find the best fit for your business and budget.

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Our latest brand projects

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Our design service is always on brand. We believe that the only way to have a strong business is by ensuring that your visual assets are looked up with a 360º vision. That's our strongest skill.

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Our latest design projects

Featured image for “Babylon Migrants Project”
Featured image for “Abo Saleem”
Featured image for “Empello”
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We offer a range of consultancy services, from one-to-one meetings to workshops. We can merge into your businesses for a period to help you fulfil your business needs. This is great to collaborate, and one sure thing is that we will treat your business as if it was ours.

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