Setting your tone of voice for your business

Brands, believe it or not, have their language. Sometimes they don’t even know it themselves. Like people, this sets you apart and makes you more likeable. This week’s post is about the language that you should be using throughout all your channels.

Why do you want to set a tone of voice?

The tone of voice is an important part of your brand consistency, and it’s also one of your most valuable engagement tools you may possess. Here are four reasons why your business needs a tone of voice.

It sets you apart from other companies.

By having your own language, you grant your brand with a personality that people will make you memorable and unique.

It builds trust.

Doesn’t happen to you that sometimes you meet someone and anything they say you believe it? Just because of the way their tone. And sometimes it’s the opposite; you just don’t trust them. That’s why you want to ensure a trustworthy tone of voice that is aligned with your business values.

It influences and persuades.

Through language, you can convince your audience that you are the right service.

It makes your customers feel identified with you.

When you adopt a style that is likeable for your clients, they will feel closer to you, like a friend.

What language to use?

You will get bored to hear us repeating the same thing. But the language needs to be coherent with your brand, therefore with your business values and especially with your customers.

If you are a brand that targets young people, you need to talk like they talk, a bit more casual, use some slang. You can’t be using scientific language because you will disengage them.


People remembers great stories. When you are talking about your products, make these stories memorable. We are not suggesting to lie but telling the story in a way that is engaging your audience.

No trolling, no swearing and no negativity!

Humans tend to run away from the negative input. You want people to feel comfortable and happy when they are around because it means that they will come back for more. So avoid swearing or using insults.


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