Seven ways to fight mental fatigue

Those who work alone or a lot will have experienced mental fatigue many time. The truth is, that in the ideal world we shouldn’t be working over 40 hours a week, but in the real world sometimes you have to just do it.

This past month I was snowed under, so I had to work a lot of hours, including weekends. It is ok, I love my work and as someone said once: “Find a job you love and you won’t have to work again”. However, I do appreciate some time off too.

When I struggle with mental block and tiredness I try to step back from my computer and give my brain a break. Here are seven ways I use to fight the mental fatigue.

1. Go for run, a brisk walk or a swim

Nothing beats a mental block better than sport. I tend to find that running or swimming helps me spring clean my mind. It is one of that moment when you can’t do anything else that think. I usually solve problems during that time.

2. Sleep or just relax

Lie down for 15 minutes and relax. If you fear you might set an alarm. But resting your mind will give you a boost, just like when you get up in the morning.

4. Watch TV or Netflix

Sometimes you just need to disconnect your mind and let it in autopilot. Watching TV or an episode of something you enjoy will relax your mind as well as (depending on what you watching) spark your creativity.

5. Go to a gallery or window shopping

Scape your desk and hide in a Museum or a shopping mall. It will stimulate your right-side brain, which is the one in charge of creativity, which is a great helper when you need a problem solved.

6. Yoga

Practising Yoga when you are very busy is a great treat. During that time your brain is totally focused in your wellbeing and not your problems, when you finish a session you feel refreshed and ready for a fight (like a peaceful fight).

7. Make a crossword

I sometimes stop working and do a crossword. It distracts me for a bit while still use my brain, so it doesn’t cool down.

I hope these are useful somehow. I would love to hear what are your techniques that you use to keep your mental block under control. Just leave a comment below.


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