Why small businesses need a blog?

While showing some design visuals to my client, he pointed out that he didn’t need the blog. I insisted that he should keep it in, and try to write something once a week or a fortnight.

I know having a blog it can be very tiring, and if there is something that small businesses don’t need is more admin things. But we have always been prophets of inbound marketing.

Why does your business need a blog?

Google loves new content

By saying Google, I mean search engines. Google crawls through the websites and searches for relevant information. When you have a static site, the information that you are giving to the internet is limited, and it will get old. While fresh content is good for the Internet and relevant content will bring potential customers.

Is likely to be shared

It’s possible that if your content is relevant and remarkably good, it will get shared. This is an excellent opportunity to get noticed by potential customers that will go to your blog and might navigate around your website.

Create trust and expert status

Writing a blog that is relevant to your costumers and prospects shouldn’t be a difficult thing because at the end of the day is what you are good at. On the other site potential customers, will see you as an expert on the subject and will trust you, helping to convert them into clients.



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