Start your business today. The momentum is now

Happy new year! First of January! Today is a great day to start a business. We feel motivated, our list of New Year resolution is next to us, and we are ready to achieve them.

But how can you start?

One step at the time

Unless you are a super-entrepreneur, it’s quite likely that you feel overwhelmed even with the thought of starting a business. A lot of people thinks that building a business is like climbing a mountain, that you can reach the top of success. I don’t think so, I think is more like navigating through the universe. Most of the time you only see the near future and you don’t know where it ends. But don’t let this to scare you, it’s exciting, and if you take one step at the time, you will start and keep going. Don’t think on the summit, enjoy the ride.

Start trading ASAP

A lot of people, I have been one of those, are waiting to get everything to perfection before start training. I would say get the minimum viable product and go out. You need to test if your product or service is working and the only way is to prove it with real people. This way you will be able to adapt fast and perfect it. Perfection is a mirage because life moves on and needs change quickly. Business work like this in the internet era.

Have a clear offer

Make sure you communicate well what you are doing. You don’t need to advertise all your services. Businesses that offer everything look less specialise and therefore are difficult to trust. Make sure you are providing the right product. That doesn’t mean that you don’t do other work that isn’t advertised. For example, I don’t advertise PowerPoint presentations, because I’m not an expert, but If this job lands in me, I will do it.

Look sexy

One thing is being a professional, and the other is to look like one. You have to be and look. Because you could be the best in your field, but if you don’t look like one people won’t trust you. This is what branding comes to hand.

So don’t procrastinate and get started because the new year is here for you to take a bite.

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