Stop copying! How to find ideas for your brand content

“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

One of my clients was telling me how frustrated she was that every time she posted something her competitor would copy it. I told her not to worry; the problem is not when someone copies you but the opposite.

For those who struggle to find ideas, instead of copying try these:

How-to posts

One of the easiest posts to write is about stuff that you know. For example how to do something you are confident or a tutorial that would help and add value for your customers or prospectives.

Ask your clients and answer them in a post

I often struggle to understand what my clients or potential clients are looking for when they are reading my blog. Once in a while, I just use social media and ask them what they would like to know about design or branding. And prepare posts answering them. This is an excellent way to get content but also to be 100% useful.


Find a celebrity or influencer that your audience would like to hear from and interview them. This could also give you an opportunity to engage with your customers by asking them what would they like to ask her/him.

Anecdotes or thoughts

A lot of times I use my own experiences to explain something that I think is useful for my readers to know. For example telling an Anecdote or thought. This is something helpful for yourself to put some order in your brain.


I usually read a business book a month. When I finish, I try to put some ideas together in posts. This allows me to recommend as well as to put the thinks I’ve learned in written form.


We all have complementary companies or people in which we share an audience. For example, as a designer,  I share customers with printers or hosting companies. Why don’t you ask them to write a blog for you? And you could do the same for them.

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