The business cocktail: Branding, Marketing/PR and Sales

Let’s shake it up and get your business in order. The ingredients for this cocktail are simple, but the preparation is elaborate. What is important is making sure to use all the parts even if you vary the quantities.


  • A gulp Branding (not brandy! 😜)
  • Two o three sips of Marketing and PR
  • Lots of Sales
  • Dash of personality


Start with branding

Branding is the base of all business. Branding goes holding hands with your business strategy and aligned with your customer’s requirements. Your brand is not just your logo; it’s your entire company. Visually needs to appeal to your potential client but the way you speak or where you hang out it is also a vital part of your branding, and it needs to be coherent with the business.

Branding can cost a few thousand pounds, but the advantage is that you might be able to build it slowly. You can start with your logo and your website and develop it slowly as the demand comes. Just remember consistency and coherence. You can read more on branding here.

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Pour some marketing and sprinkle PR

When your brand looks professional, you can start marketing your business. It’s best to mix up the channels in which you will promote your business, the reason is simple: you don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket. For example, on the running up to Black Friday and on Black Friday itself companies like Facebook and Amazon run into problems, making people lose money when they advertisement and shopping buttons wouldn’t work.

There are many ways! You could mix advertisement with an influencer (or micro-influencer) campaign. If you are starting and have a limited budget, you could do collaborations with complementary brands like offering a talk or a workshop.

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Keep the Sales bucket full

The Sales part of the business is something that a lot of us dread. Being a salesman/woman is essential for your business. Shake off your shame and put your proud on.

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It’s important to have all the above in place. They can vary on the amount, depending on different factors like your business needs and your customer’s habits.

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