The fall of the lies, just a quick thought

A couple of years ago I wrote about how Trump and Brexit succeded and how can we try to turn the tables´╗┐, using the techniques that they used. During these two years, we should learn that a lie won’t take you that far.

Here are branding lessons that we have learned from the liers

Lying won’t take you anywhere.

It only took a few hours for the Brexit campaigners to get caught with their own lies. But two years after and just a few weeks away we see how things are still crumbling because a lie just makes you lose confidence.

TIP: Don’t lie to your customers because if you get caught, you will lose them forever. But more critical just be honest for dignity.

Transparency helps trust

Companies that are transparent on what they do are easier to get loyal customers. People want to know who you are because their faith in you is not bought but earned.

TIP: There are some accreditations that a company can get, like B Corp, that gives you the stamp of transparency and ethical business practices.

Unite, and you’ll win

I know the saying goes different, but from my point of view, if you unite people, you will get a much better result. Brexit, Trump or Catalan independence have only split communities into two. I think if you want to succeed being positive and inclusive will take you further.

TIP: Become an ambassador of equality. United Benetton has been for years a very whole company with their advertisement.


I am an optimist or maybe naive, but I believe people would prefer to get together than separated. We tend to think and not perhaps confirm the information source, so when you learn something and believe in it, and further in time discover it was a lie you won’t trust that brand or person. Honesty is what has made the best politicians, the best brands and my favourite people.

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